If you have read my blog for a while you will know I am a bit of a productivity nerd and there are times when I completely bring my A-game. But there are other times, like now when I am a long way away from this.

It is true that I could push through and complete quite a lot of the things I have planned. But would I be doing this to the best of my ability? More than likely the answer would be no.

Although I have long been used to having to reschedule plans because of high pain levels or complete exhaustion. It is fair to say I am a bit of a newbie in dealing with or more accurately acknowledging low moods. If you would like to know more about this I suggest you have a look through the last few days.

So I have found myself with a choice. I can either push through and do the activities I have planned, and ultimately look back and not be very pleased with what I did. Or acknowledge that looking after the mind is just as important as listening to and looking after the body.

I have to confess the other day I simply left a few tasks unchecked and they were still like that the next day staring me in the face and making me feel like a failure. Yesterday I had a word with myself, told myself to get real and rescheduled as much as possible from then and also this next couple of days.

You know what? Seeing that empty to-do list and a very light day the next day. I got the same sort of satisfaction that I do when I tick things off. You can read more about the importance of pacing yourself in this post on my main blog. Let’s see how my productivity levels feel tomorrow, after all no two days are the same when you live with a chronic illness.