I’m sorry I didn’t have an update for you yesterday. I basically came through to my desk and started looking through my emails, then less than 30 minutes in had to give up and go back to bed. This was pretty much a mixture of fatigue and that flu-like feeling unwell, they mention in the side-effects section of the leaflet.

This morning I began feeling quite a bit better (although that time of the month has arrived and as usual is not helping anything…) Early afternoon I decided to get a shower as I was feeling sticky and yucky. Although it was nice to feel clean again. I think having a shower has overdone things a bit. I am nearly feeling as rough as I did yesterday. We have also discovered there is a rash radiating from the injection site in my arm across my shoulder and partway into my back.

I’ll be honest, writing this is probably going to be me done for the day. Once I’ve got it scheduled I really feel like I need to lie down again. But this is the reality of being a spoonie isn’t it. Our body shouts at us and we obey.

I hope your day is going as well as possible. Let’s hope tomorrow feels better!