Here in the UK, it is Mother’s Day on Sunday. To give it the traditional title it is Mothering Sunday. My Mum prefers this, one of the many reasons I am glad to be a cardmaker because I don’t think I have seen a card in the shops using this expression in at least the last thirty years.

In all fairness, I should have known it was approaching, if I watched more TV (the channels with adverts) I would have done. I would have made the card for Mum in the same creative session as I made my sister-in-law’s birthday card. But I didn’t.

Now, I have to tear myself away from my online coding course and put my creative hat back on. I think I’ll make things easier for myself and do a digital design and print that off.

I am so curious to know if you have more than one hobby or interest do you manage to rotate between them with ease? I find I am very physical and I really struggle to switch off one part of my brain and focus on another.

My thought process is this is made more difficult because I am exactly 50/50 left-brained and right-brained. So my pastimes include the creative ones like my card making and diamond painting and the data-driven ones like coding/web design and genealogy. It is more difficult to switch between the extremes, whereas going from Cardmaking to diamond painting or colouring is not such a stretch.

Have you ever done one of those simple tests to see if you have a prominent brain side? If so how do your interests and pastimes compare with your strengths? I find these things fascinating.

Now, I must get cracking on the card and get it in the post, first class seems to be taking a lot longer than it does when we are not in a pandemic.